GOAL: Identify the school district’s needs and issues through a collaborative and systematic data collection and analysis process.  

ROLE: Serve as a representative for our community and school district and to work with the JCISD administration and Board of Trustees to guide and oversee the needs assessment process. 

The Steering Committee will assist with the identification of the school districts immediate and long term needs and issues in the following areas:

  • Budget and Finance

  • Technology

  • Support Operations:  Transportation, Custodial, Maintenance

  • Building Facilities

  • Safety & Security



Paul Axtell

Randy Brodbeck

Mandy Buck

Corby Craig

Garrett Craig

Laine Crownover

Debbie Early

Debbie Elsbury

Ashley Fiero

Stephanie Fisher

Amber Fry

Barbara Hudson

Don Jackson

Malyn Johnson

Aaron Klein

Dulce Lopez

Cynthia McCoy

DeeDee McKennis

John McKennis

Bret Perrenoud

Joe Quinonez

Jayme Roschetsky

Randy Rutherford

Gabi Shannon

Julie Storer

Glenn Sultemeier

Nadine Sultemeier

Todd Swift

Kip Thompson

Joe Walker

Tom Walston

Ty Walston

Greg Wessels

Casey White

Amanda Haley - ES Principal

Michael Norton - MS Principal

Russell Maedgen - HS Principal

Nelson Kortis - Athletic Director

Adam Hermes - Tech Director

Scott Berry - CFO

Richard Kolek - Superintendent

Toni Martinez - Teacher

Stacy Novak - Teacher

Kristine Urbanosky - Teacher

Heather Wilson - Teacher/Coach